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Theft of Motor Vehicle


Theft of Motor Vehicle



At approximately 2014 hours on June 19, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 231 Highway 235 in reference to a stolen vehicle.


Upon arrival he made contact with Linda Robertson. Linda stated that she had arrived home from grocery shopping approximately 1800 hours. She stated that she was inside for some time and when she let her dogs out she noticed that her car was missing.


She stated that it was a 1996 Infiniti I30. She stated that it was white in color and had a dent in the back of the car. She stated that she was unsure what the VIN on the car was and that it had no license plate. She stated that the car is not licensed in her name as she has never registered the car. She stated that the car had several problems and that it had just been sitting in her yard. She stated that the radio had been pulled from the vehicle for them to work on it. She stated that she couldn't think of anything that was in the vehicle other than some trash.   She stated that the vehicle was unlocked and the key was in it but she was unsure of where in the vehicle it was located.


Deputy Sorensen made contact with Arkansas State Trooper Daren Henley. Trooper Henley stated that he had worked an accident on a 1996 Infiniti I30 with a near Columbus on Highway 73. He stated that the vehicle was abandoned prior to his arrival but it returned to an Albert Hunter from Nashville.


Deputy Sorensen advised Trooper Henley that it was possible that the vehicle had been stolen from Saratoga  Trooper Henley placed a hold on the vehicle for the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office. Trooper Henley stated that the vehicle was missing a radio. Trooper Henley stated that during the course of his inventory of the vehicle the only other items of note he found was a bottle of vodka and a package of ladies’ underwear. Trooper Henley stated that the vehicle was bearing Michigan license plate #OEHF9 but that he was unable to get any return on that license plate.