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Message from the Sheriff



 Paislee Singleton and Sheriff Singleton

Granddaughter Paislee Singleton Holds her Bible as Sheriff Singleton is sworn for a Fourth Term as Hempstead County Sheriff and Collector


Dear Citizens of Hempstead County,


I am humbled and honored to be sworn in as Sheriff and Collector for a fourth term this morning, I thank each and every one for your confidence and support of the Office of The Sheriff for the past six years.

We have accomplished much during the past six years and have much more to accomplish in the next few years. We operated within our budget and were able to improve our equipment through several grants.

One of the major accomplishments of our office is that last two years we presented a plan to the Quorum Court to raise the Deputies Salaries from $24,700.00 to $30,000.00 passed a voluntary tax for Certified Law Enforcement deputies’ salaries which raised over $25,000.00 in its first year and with that we were able to give deputies longevity pay based upon the number of years they have served the citizens of Hempstead County and have it count towards retirement. Although the $30,000.00 dollar salary is still one of the lowest in Southwest Arkansas for Certified Deputies it is a beginning and we will constantly continue to work towards improving the salaries of our Certified Deputies.

Prior to that we were able to get a Certificate Pay Plan that allows deputies to improve their education and get rewarded in the form of certificate pay which depending on education and time of service could allow deputies to add as much as $75.00 a month per certificate a Total of five approved by the Arkansas Law Enforcement Commission Standards and Training that could be worth as much as $3,700.00 extra a year for those deputies that qualify.

We also have built an office addition of approximately 17,000.00 square feet to provide offices, an Interview Room, and Conference Room Which allows the deputies to perform their duties in a more effective manner. We have taken advantage of surplus government property such as Firearms, All Terrain Vehicles and other items for a very small fee.

In the jail we continue to get rave reviews from Jail Standards on the operation and cleanliness of our facility. We have added video first appearance and video visitation to our facility. The video first appearance allows us to have an inmate to appear from the confines of the jail to the Judge where ever he may be thus reducing movement of inmates outside the facility and providing a safer environment for the Officers and the public. The video visitation system allows inmates to visit family and friends from their cell over the internet saving time and travel for the inmates family and again reducing the movement of inmates inside the facility. We were able to obtain a grant to pay for an Automated Fingerprint System (AFIS) which allows to be connected directly to the Arkansas State Police and FBI once a person’s fingerprint is taken at our facility it is automatically uploaded to the State and Federal System allowing for proper identification within minutes. 

We have an outstanding Professional team of Criminal Investigation Personnel who work tirelessly to solve cases and bring individuals who have committed crimes to justice. It is my sincere commitment to continue to have Honest, Professional, Trained, and dedicated deputies to serve our county. Please continue to lift them and their families up in prayer as they report for duty every day.

May GOD Bless the Citizens of Hempstead County, and may GOD continue to bless the United States Of America.



Sheriff James A. Singleton

Hempstead County, Arkansas