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Reserve Deputies


The Reserve Unit is a group of dedicated individuals from our community who wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office. The unit is made up of both certified and non-certified deputies who support the operations of the Sheriff's Office. While on-duty, these unpaid professionals have the same legal authority as any other peace officer. Reserve deputies are required to receive continuous training throughout the year, as well as qualify annually with their service weapon.

Some activities the Reserves regularly engage in:

Promote public relations with law enforcement in their community
Provide security and patrol at school functions, county functions, and any event where extra security is required
Transport inmates
Receiving no pay for the job they do, and spending time away from their families shows tremendous dedication on the part of the Reserves.

For more information please call 870-777-6727.



Olen Dorman

Thank You Big "O" for your service to the citizens of Hempstead County.

For the past 28 years Olen Dorman has served the citizens of Hope and Hempstead County by serving as a Reserve Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff. Olen began his Law Enforcement service in 1992 by attending the first reserve police officer training I taught. He served the Hope Police Department from 1992 until 2009.

In 2011 he was appointed as a Reserve Deputy for the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office Olen Continued to serve until January 15, 2020 the day the lord called him home.

I am at a loss of words of what this man has meant to my family and the Law Enforcement Community in Hempstead County.

While full time officers receive a salary for their services Reserve Officers do not receive a salary and perform the same duties a full-time officer for the love of their community and fellow man. And to do it for 28 years says a lot about what kind of person Olen was.

Olen's commitment to his church, family, friends, and community will be greatly missed and can't be replaced. It has left a great void in the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office.
We can rest easy knowing that he is in heaven with our lord Jesus and will forever be our guardian angel.

Rest easy 633, we will take it from here. Deputy Olen R. Dorman End of Watch 01/15/2020.

With Great Respect,
James A. Singleton, Sheriff
Hempstead County, Arkansas


Reserve Deputy standing with Truck outdoors       Reserve Sergeant Greg Huckabee awarded the Reserve Deputy of the Year for 2019


Hempstead County Reserve Sergeant Greg Huckabee was posthumously awarded the Reserve Deputy of the Year for 2019 on Thursday December 12, 2019.

The Award was presented to members of his family at the annual Christmas dinner.

Sheriff Singleton has renamed the Annual Reserve Deputy Award as the Sgt.Greg Huckabee (Reserve Deputy Award) and will be awarded to future Reserve Deputies in Honor of Sgt. Huckabee who served the HCSO as a Reserve Deputy for 20 years until his death in September of this year.