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Inmate Video Visitation

Sheriff Announces New Video Visitation Hours

 Sheriff Singleton has announced that the Detention Center will be extending video visitation hours effective immediately.

 With the recently installed video visitation kiosk in each pod in the detention center inmates and family members will be able to visit seven days a week from 8AM – 8PM remotely from home without ever having to come to the detention center.

 To take advantage of the Video Visitation go to the following Web site and follow its instruction.






Hempstead County to Install Video Visitation in Detention Center


Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton announced today that Hempstead County is installing video visitation equipment later this month at the Hempstead County Detention Center.


Video visitation allows the inmate and visitor to communicate via analog or digital videoconferencing equipment. Under the old method of face-to-face visitation, inmates were transferred from their housing area to the visitation area requiring Detention Officers to get the inmates out of the cell and walk them to and from the visitation area.          


With video visitation, inmates will use a video visitation station located in their cell or cell block, while visitors can use an corresponding station elsewhere—or even use their computers from home. This greatly reduces the amount of manpower needed to conduct visits by reducing the movement of inmates; reducing inmate movement also reduces contraband at the facility.


The family of an inmate will be able to have more visits at different times of the day. And family members living elsewhere in the state or nation can visit from their own homes via a home computer.


Some of the Benefits of Video Visitation will reduce offender movement within facility, reduce the flow of contraband, Increase safety and security while decreasing burden on staff, allows for greater flexibility in scheduling visits, provides better control over the visitation process and will allow those family members under 18 to visit with their family members who are incarcerated, current policy does not allow for anyone under the age of 18 to visit.


Another benefit is that inmates will be able to have the rules and regulations, Law Library, medical requests, grievance forms, and other inmate related request forms available electronically in their cell 24 hours a day, instead of waiting on paper forms that have to be given out by detention officers. All requests will be filed electronically directly to the jail administrator, or anyone else in the facility. This will also free up detention personnel to preform duties.


The video Visitation is being installed by CTC Communications Company from Bossier City, Louisiana the same company that furnishes the inmate telephone system for the jail. There will be no upfront costs to the county for installation or equipment. The video visitation will generate funds to pay for itself over a three year period and after that the Detention Center will receive a monthly commission from the company as it does with the phone system.


As the date for installation nears further information on how to access the video visitation will be available.