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PI Recovery Of Stolen Vehicle


Public Intoxication and Recovery of Stolen Vehicle


At approximately 0234 hours on 01/10/15 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 3673 Highway 195 North which is at the intersection of Highway 195 and Hempstead 39 in reference to a suspicious person beating on the callers door.


Upon my arrival he contact with caller who stated that there was a white male beating on his door asking to come into his house to warm up. The Caller stated that there appeared to be a vehicle in a ditch on the end of his property on Hempstead 39


Deputy Bush made Contact with a male who identified himself as Steve Clark who stated that he was walking and got wet when he stepped into a ditch and was freezing cold.  


Deputy Bush smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Mr. Clark whose speech was slurred and could barely stand up without stumbling around.        


Deputy Bush then ran the license plate of the truck in the ditch   the vehicle returned to residents of Pike County from Pike County.   After being contacted by deputy Bush Pike County deputies contacted the owners who stated that they last saw the vehicle when it was sitting in their driveway in Pike County. And reported it stolen at that time to Pike County Deputies.


Clark later told Deputy Bush that he was walking on an unknown part of the Highway and was picked up by the man driving the truck but he did not know who he was or where he went.


Clark was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the HCDF. The vehicle was recovered and the investigation into the theft of the vehicle will be turned over to Pike County Deputies.