Hempstead County
Sheriff's Office
Hope, Arkansas
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Two Arrested in theft from Barn


Jeffery Moore

Wesley Fritts


 At approximately 2344 hours on March 21, 2016 Deputy Tyler Krumnow was dispatched to Hempstead 57 for a Breaking or Entering call at a barn located on the property.

Deputies were able to develop and locate two suspects in the matter and arrested 34 year old Jeffery Moore of Hope and 34 year old Wesley Fritts of Nashville.

Deputies recovered two ATV Tires, Two Black ITP Aluminum Wheels, a Green wildlife feeder, one chain on Squirrel Cage, Three truck tires, one ATV tire and wheel and one Dewalt air compressor.

Deputies returned the stolen property to the owner.

Moore and Fritts were taken to the HCDF and charged with Breaking and Entering and Theft of property, they are awaiting a first court appearance.

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