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Theft Of Property Juveniles


April 23, 2016


Vandalism, Theft of Property



On April 23, 2016 at approximately 10:35 am, Deputy Jeremy McBride was contacted by Daniel Brown in reference to Criminal Mischief. Deputy McBride met Daniel at his cabin on Hempstead 142 and saw that one window on the South side of the cabin had been broken out.


After inspecting the cabin further, Daniel noticed that a .22 caliber rifle, a bb gun and a black BOB speaker were missing. While Daniel was looking around, Deputy McBride noticed three bullet holes in the top half of the broken out window, While checking other windows in the cabin, Deputy McBride found that the East side window had three bullet holes in it, and the North window had one bullet hole in it.


Daniel stated that a friend was fishing in the pond on April 22, 2016 and told him two white, young juvenile boys came walking up behind him while he was fishing. Daniel stated that the friend told him that one of the boys was kind of a slim build and the other was average build.


After speaking with Daniel, Deputy McBride went to a residence on Hempstead 142 and made contact with a female, When McBride knocked on the door, an average size white 12 year old juvenile male answered the door. While speaking with the 12 year old a smaller white juvenile age 9 came up behind the 12 year old. An adult female came to the door where McBride told the adult female he was there, because the cabin up the road had been broken into. With the adults females permission Deputy Mc Bride retrieved a brown and black bb gun and a .22 Caliber rifle from inside the residence, the speaker was also recovered  


Deputy McBride returned the stolen property to 147 Hempstead 166 North to Daniel's residence.


Due to the age of the suspect involved 9 and 12, the matter will be turned over to the Hempstead County Juvenile Officer to be dealt with in Juvenile Court.