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Domistic Battery


April 22, 2016

Domestic Battery

On April 22, 2016 at approximately 12:50 p.m., Deputy Jeremy McBride was dispatched to 4361 Highway 29 South in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, he spoke with Jason Moore and Teresa Moore. Jason stated that Stephanie George had bit him on the arm, and broke a window in the kitchen. Jason stated that Stephanie had gathered her belongings and started walking South on Highway 29 South.

Deputy Billings and McBride then located Stephanie walking South on Highway 29 South. The Deputies stopped Stephanie. Stephanie had what appeared to be dried blood around her mouth. The deputies took Stephanie into custody and placed her in the back of Deputy Billings patrol unit.

Jason Moore stated that Stephanie was looking for some type of pill and got mad when she could not find it. Jason stated that Stephanie then started throwing stuff around the house and broke the kitchen window. Jason stated that he attempted to help Teresa hold Stephanie down, so Stephanie would calm down, and Stephanie bit him on the left forearm.

Jason had a red mark, with a small amount of blood coming from what appeared to be a bite mark on his left forearm. Teresa had a red mark, with a blue bruise that was on her left forearm. Teresa also had, what appeared to be blood and a bite mark on her shirt, where her left breast is located.

Stephanie George was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center and booked for two counts of Domestic Battery 3rd, and Criminal Mischief