Hempstead County
Sheriff's Office
Hope, Arkansas
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Theft Of Property

April 22, 2016

Theft of Property

 On April 22, 2016 at approximately 9:50 a.m., Deputy McBride made contact with Doran Ragland in reference to a theft. Doran stated that he had a list of items that had been stolen from his residence.

 I then went to 2765 Highway 355 south and made contact with Mr. Ragland. While speaking with Doran, he produced a list of items that had taken from his residence. The list included the following items:

 Four pairs of Jordan shoes valued at eight hundred dollars, One pair of black, gray Jordan Retro shoes with a red stripe, One pair of black, white Jordan Retro shoes with a red stripe, One pair of gray Suede Jordan Retro shoes, One pair of black and gray net style Jordan shoes, A black and gray North face jacket with red stripes, valued at two hundred dollars, A black and red Jordan, baseball style hat, valued at fifty dollars, Two bottles of cologne, one bottle of curve and one bottle of Fraiche, valued at one hundred and twenty dollars, Two MTX twelve inch speakers, valued at two hundred and fifty dollars, One blue, Sony amplifier, valued at two hundred and fifty dollars, One HI point JHP .45 caliber pistol, serial number X4144026, valued at three hundred dollars, Thirty Shirts, valued at nine hundred dollars,  One RCA Pro 10 tablet, serial number TA291DL103575, valued at two hundred dollars, One gallon size zip lock bag containing random coins, valued at fifty dollars, One, Ten dollar bill, valued at ten dollars.

Ragland stated that a female had been staying at his residence for a couple of days Ragland told deputies that he had went to work, driving an eighteen wheeler on April 20, 2016 at approximately 4:00 p.m. he stated he received a text message from the female on April 21, 2016 saying that his 2007 Nissan Altima was parked at Walmart in Texarkana, Ragland stated that when he arrived home from work he noticed the other items missing.