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Terroristic Threating


April 21, 2016

Terroristic Threating


 At approximately 1614 hours on 04/21/16 Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to 326 Hempstead 7 in reference to a terroristic threatening. Prior to arrival he was advised that Preston Leonard was threatening people and was in the street with a stick.

Upon my arrival Sgt. Bush observed Preston Leonard walking on the street in front of the above address. Sgt. Bush made contact with Preston and asked him what was going on he advised me that he was threatened with a gun. And was asked to leave his Grandmother house and he was walking on the road.

Sgt. Bush spoke with Bonnie Leonard, who stated that it all started when she would not let Preston take her car and she would not put minutes on his phone for him. She stated that Preston then got mad and started throwing things around the house and was calling her an m***er f***er and things of that nature. She stated that he did not make any threats towards her. .

Sgt. Bush spoke with Rosa Kidd, the property owner Rosa stated that she and her husband Lance were contacted by the neighbors because she is the property owner. She stated that when she arrived Preston was cursing and yelling at Bonnie. She stated that she told Preston that he needed to leave and walked outside with him. She stated that Preston threatened her saying "I'm going to f**k your world up" and that he was "going to f*****g haunt" her.

Rosa stated that Preston then walked out into the road and walked onto Bill's property at 310 Hempstead 7. Rosa stated that Bill came out of the house with a pistol in his hand and told Preston to get off of his property. I asked Rosa how Preston was acting as he walked onto Bill's property prior to him coming out with the gun. She stated that he was still yelling and acting out. Rosa stated that Bill never pointed the gun at Preston just had it in his hand.

 Deputy Bush then made contact with William Smith who goes by the name Bill. William stated that he saw Preston walking up the ditch into his yard and he walked out with his pistol in his hand and told him to get off of his property. William stated that he had a problem with Preston beating on the side of his house last night and stated that his family and he were scared. William stated that he grabbed his gun because Preston was yelling and acting as though he was on something and seemed "out of control". He stated that Preston said to him that he was "on his list" and that one day he is going to see him.  William stated that he did not point the gun at Preston and only had it with him because he was in fear of his safety because of the way Preston was acting.

Sgt. Bush then spoke with Laura Harris who is the daughter of Kathy Kidd who lives at 310 Hempstead 7. Laura stated that this has been an ongoing problem and stated that she found Preston inside of Kathy's house in the back room shooting up with a needle on Easter weekend. She stated that today she was with her mother Kathy. She stated that Kathy called to check on Bonnie. Laura stated that at one point during the phone call Kathy put the call on speaker phone and she overheard Preston telling her if he goes to jail he will retaliate against them, and when he gets out of jail he would kill all of them.

Sgt. Bush then placed Preston Leonard under arrest for 3 counts of Terroristic Threatening for the threats he made to Rosa Kidd, Kathy Kidd, and Laura Harrison. Leonard was transported to the HCDF and is awaiting a first appearance.