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Public Intoxication


Public Intoxication Arrest


 At approximately 2233 hours on 04/20/16 Deputy Luke Sorensen was dispatched to 713 Hempstead 27 North in reference to a public intoxication

Upon arrival he made contact with Reserve Deputy Mark Dale. Who stated that someone had called him because a lady was walking in the rode and was knocking on people’s door Dale stated that upon his arrival he had made contact with Angela Foust Who had cut on her neck and her left wrist, Howard County EMS had already arrived on scene and had bandaged her left wrist.   Reserve Deputy Dale also gave me a razor blade that he had taken from Angela.  Deputy Sorensen spoke with Howard County EMS and they stated that she was fine and all of the cuts were superficial.

Deputy Sorensen spoke with Foust who stated that her and her boyfriend, had been arguing and he had called her vulgar names. Foust stated that she then started cutting on herself while they were driving down the road.  Foust stated that her boyfriend made her get out of the truck. 

Foust stated that she then went up to the nearest house to use a phone to get some help. She stated that she had been drinking that night and had smoked some marijuana the day before.  She stated that she had drank four beers and half a pint of whiskey that night.  Deputy Sorensen asked her why she had cut on herself and she stated that she just didn't think it was worth living anymore.  Foust also stated that she would go home and find something to kill herself with if Deputy Sorensen let her go home. 

Deputy Sorensen then ran Angela through central dispatch and they advised she was clear but was a registered sex offender. Deputy Sorensen then placed Foust under arrest for public intoxication and transported her to the Hempstead County Detention Center.