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ATV Theft



April 30, 2016


On April 30, 2016 at approximately 1127 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was contacted by dispatch and advised that Austin Corn, of Texarkana, wanted a Deputy to meet him at the Blevins Red-E-Mart in reference to his four wheeler being stolen at Hillarosa.



Upon arrival he made contact with Austin Corn who stated that someone stole his Polaris Ranger. Austin said that he was riding with a group of friends that he just met. Austin told me that he decided to go home when it started storming.


Austin stated that he left his ATV and 16 foot trailer in the camp area that they were staying at. Austin said that he took the key with him. Austin told deputy Dunham that he left around 2000 hours. And that when he went back this morning he could not locate his ATV or trailer.


Austin described the ATV as a 2015 model Polaris Ranger, 900XP, white in color. Austin said that the ATV has a custom white paint job and white speakers on it. Austin stated that there is also a decal that says "ICEE" on the back of the ATV Austin also told me that the ATV has discover truck tires on it. The Polaris Ranger entered into NCIC as stolen.