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Breaking and Entering Theft of Property


Breaking and Entering, Theft of Property

April 30, 2016


 At approximately 1530 hours on April 30, 2016 Deputy Luke Sorensen was dispatched to the 700 block of Hempstead 185 at the Moonshine Cemetery in reference to a breaking or Entering.


Upon arrival he made contact with Edward Yarbrough of Mabelvale, Arkansas stated that his sister noticed that their cabins at the cemetery had been broken into. He stated that she had cleaned up the small cabin in the front of the clearing and put a board over the broken window before he had arrived.


Mr. Yarbrough showed me Cabin A which was closest to the front of the clearing. Deputy Sorensen observed the front window had been covered up with plastic and a board.  Victim stated that It appeared they broke the front window and climbed through to open the door.  Victim stated that from Cabin A he was missing

"             1-55 Gallon drum that had been converted into a deer feeder

"             4- Coleman propane lanterns

"             2- White plastic shelves

"             As well as 4 treated oak beams that were located in front of cabin A, he stated that they were twenty feet long and approximately 7 inches by 14 inches wide. 


Victim stated that the cabins have been broken into several times before, they just haven't reported it. He then showed the deputy cabin B which was in the middle of the clearing, it had not been broken into and showed no signs of them attempting to gain entrance to it.  Victim then showed deputy Sorensen Cabin C which is in the back of the clearing in the Woodline.  The front window of Cabin C had been broken out. Victim stated that when he looked at it the locks on the window were undone, where they are usually kept locked.  Victim stated that the door was unlocked when he saw it.  It appeared that they broke the window and gained access to the house via the window.  He stated that the items he noticed missing from cabin C were as follows

"             1- Kerosene heater of unknown make or model

"             2 Coleman propane lanterns

"             1- principal brand 27" tower fan

"             1- fish fryer of unknown make or model.