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HCSO Incident Reports May 6, -May 8, 2016


HCSO Incident Log

Friday May 6, to Sunday May 8, 2016


 At approximately 5:20 PM on May 6, 2016 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 695 Hempstead 56 in reference to a Criminal Trespass call.

Upon arrival he made contact with Judy Evans. Judy stated that someone came up to her house and threw something at her front door. Judy stated that she did not see the person or the object that they threw. Judy stated that there was no damage done to the door just a loud thud.


 At approximately 6:05 PM on Friday May 6, 2016 Deputy Bunn was dispatched to #1 Clingan Country Road in reference to harassment.

Upon arrival he made contact with Misty Lewis. Misty stated that her mother, Cathy Jacobs, has been texting her about some money that her mother says Misty owes her.  Misty stated that Cathy said in the text messages that she was going to get her money one way or another.  Misty stated that she had told Cathy to stop texting her.  Deputy Bunn advised Misty that the money issue was going to be a civil matter and for Misty to advise Cathy to stop texting her and that she has talked to the police.


At approximately 2251 hours on Friday May 6, 2016 Deputy Bunn was dispatched to 5574 Highway 29 South in reference to an abandoned house that was on fire.

Upon my arrival I found the house was fully engulfed in flames Spring Hill and Patmos Fire Departments responded and extinguished the flames and due to the amount of damage could not tell the starting point of the fire. The owner of the property, Dennis Polk, advised that no one has lived on the property in the last 3 or 4 years.  





Suspected Arson

At approximately 2:25 AM on May 7, 2016 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 3366 Highway 355 South Fulton in reference to a House Fire.

Upon arrival Fulton fire department and first responders where at the residence containing the fire. Fulton fire department put of the fire shortly after his arrival.

Victim stated that he and his girlfriend were sleeping when his friend started banging on the door saying that the house was on fire. Victim stated that he got his girlfriend out of the house and started to try and put out the fire.

Victim stated that they made a fire earlier in the evening and was throwing gas out of a cup onto the fire to keep it going.

After examining where the fire started on the right side of the house Deputy Krumnow noticed that there was a burnt trail leading from a bigger burnt spot in the grass to the trailer. Deputy Krumnow observed a red gas can out in the woods. After examining the gas can there was no sign of gas leaking from the gas can. After seeing the burnt trail going to the house Deputy Krumnow continued his investigation into the matter as possible Arson. The incident remains under investigation.



At approximately 6:30 PM on May 7, 2016, Deputy Krumnow made contact with William Turner in reference to people trespassing on his property at 2325 Highway 355 South.

Upon making contact with William he stated that he was on his land cleaning up before he headed home back to Fort Worth when he saw a couple of vehicles parked under a tree on his land. William stated that he walked down to the vehicles and told them that they were on private property and that they needed to leave. William stated that they left and went to sit on a dirt road down the road.  . William stated that the address was 2325 Highway 355 South.

Upon arrival at 2325 Highway 355 South Deputy Krumnow patrolled the area and was unable to find anyone on his land or on any dirt road.


At approximately 2000 hours on Saturday May 7, 2016 Deputy Bunn was dispatched to 5906 Highway 29 North, Blevins in reference to criminal trespassing.

Upon arrival he made contact with the caller. Who stated that between 0330 and 0430 hours this morning she heard what sounded like teenagers on the roof of the building.  Caller stated that she yelled at them and she could hear them run off the top of the building.  Caller stated that she did not want them to be on the roof because of the weak spots in the roof and someone could get hurt.  

Domestic Dispute


At approximately 1721 hours on May 8, 2016 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 4683 Hempstead 3 in reference to a Domestic Dispute.

Upon arrival he made contact with the caller who stated that she and her husband got into an argument because she wanted a picture taken with her daughters for mother's day. Caller stated that her husband tapped on the screen of her phone to take the picture and then her phone started making a noise.

Caller stated that she told her husband "What the f*** are you doing on my phone?" caller stated that her husband then started throwing a fit and cursing at her.

Upon investigation Deputy Krumnow determined that no physical contact occurred between caller and husband. And no arrests were made.


Terroristic Threatening

 At approximately 2036 hours on May 8, 2016 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 2134 Highway 195 South Fulton in reference to Terroristic Threatening 2nd.

Upon arrival he made contact with Kimberly Hunn. Kimberly stated that her husband, James Hunn, has been threatening her ever since she made him leave approximately 3 or 4 weeks ago. Kimberly stated that she let James take the truck and camper so he could have somewhere nice to stay.

 Kimberly stated that he has been coming back to her residence at 360 Hempstead 17 yelling and cursing at herself, her daughter, and her father. Kimberly stated that they have to lock themselves in the house because they are afraid of James. Kimberly stated that James has been threatening her saying if she doesn't get the guns out of the pawn shop she will pay. Kimberly stated that James has threatened to burn the house down if her daughter moves in. Kimberly stated that James picked up a 2x4 piece of wood and tried to hit her daughter about a week ago.

James Hunn was arrested and served a warrant for a Body Attachment at approximately 2317 hours on May 7, 2016. Hunn was also charged with Terroristic Threatening 2nd Degree.






Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.



At approximately 0808 hours on 05/08/16 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 3582 Highway 174 South in reference to an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.


Upon my arrival he made contact with Kenneth Rogers. Kenneth stated that he went to bed last night with his keys to his silver 2003 Buick Century in his pocket. He stated that when he got up the keys were no longer in his pocket and the car was gone. Kenneth stated that he thinks that Michael Powell took the car because he was there last night but was gone when he got up.


Deputy Krumnow was then advised by dispatch that Judy Gray called and stated that there was a suspicious silver car at 168 Hempstead 1001 and that there was a white male going into her storage building.


Upon arrival the deputy found that the silver car that they reported was the 2003 Buick Century with Arkansas license plate number 772UMM and the subject that was seen on the property was later identified as Michael Powell.


The Deputy spoke with Michael Powell and he stated that he was the one driving the car and that Kenneth gave him money and loaned him the car to go buy methamphetamines. He stated that he did not return the car because he smoked all of the drugs prior to getting back.


Deputy Krumnow arrested Michael Powell for Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. Michael was also arrested at this time for breaking or entering, the vehicle was returned to Kenneth Rodgers.




Domestic Battery


At approximately 1100 hours on 05/08/16 Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to 1324 Highway 73 West in reference to a domestic battery.


Upon arrival he made contact with the victim who stated that she and her boyfriend Jeffry Mills have been living together. She stated that he has a drug problem and uses methamphetamines.


Victim stated that she was trying to leave on the evening of 05/07/16 at approximately 1830 hours and someone had deflated her tires. She stated that she was trying to change the tires on the vehicle and he slapped her on the both legs with the side of a machete telling her to hurry up and change the tire and telling her to leave. She stated that she was scared so she just went inside the house and started cleaning. She stated that she wasn't able to call 911 until today victim stated that they got into another argument and he hit her on the left side of her forehead. She stated that she was able to walk away then and left and called 911. Deputy Bush observed a red mark on both her right and left calf that appeared consistent with being slapped with something flat.




Deputy Bush spoke with Jeffrey Mills who stated that hat his girlfriend has been running drugs and stated that she has lots of people in the area that she calls to mess with him. He claimed that she has made it to where if he needs help or needs anything she is the only one he has left.


Jeffery claimed that she constantly beats him but stated that he does not have any marks or injuries. Jeffrey stated that they only argued last night and today and that there was not any physical contact between them.


Deputy Bush placed Jeffrey under arrest for Domestic Battery and transported Jeffrey to the Hempstead County Detention Center for the charges of Domestic Battery 3rd and Terroristic Threatening with the court date of June 13, 2016.


Welfare Check (Personal Safety Check)


At approximately 1358 hours on 05/08/016 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to 129 Hempstead 148 in reference to a welfare check (Personal Safety Check).


Upon arrival he made contact with the person he was sent to check on who stated that she was okay and I advised her that her sister contacted us and was worried that she may be thinking about harming herself. She stated that she was fine and that she had no intentions of harming herself.


The sister was contacted and advised that the person was ok.


Officer Assist


At approximately 2349 hours on May 8, 2016 Sgt. Oller for the Hope Police Department called over the radio for assistance at 212 South Washington.


Deputy Krumnow and Deputy Bunn were outside of the Sheriff’s Office when Sgt. Oller called for assistance. And the closest to assist Sgt. Oller. Upon arrival Sgt. Oller advised to place handcuffs on William Bradford. Deputy Bunn placed handcuffs on the subject.


 Deputy Bunn then took items out of the subjects hand and placed the items on the hood of the vehicle. Sgt. Oller picked up a clear yellow pipe from where the subject was standing Sgt. Oller then picked up a cigarette package containing another clear pipe. As Deputy Krumnow was looking around the vehicle he found a white plastic baggie containing a white crystal like substance. He then gave the white plastic baggie containing the white crystal like substance to Sgt. Oller. Deputy Bunn then placed the subject in Sgt. Oller's patrol vehicle. And he was transported to the HCDF.











Domestic Dispute


At approximately 1945 hours on May 8, 2016 Deputy Krumnow was dispatched to 4631 Highway 371 McCaskill in reference to a Domestic Dispute.


Upon arrival he made contact with the caller who stated that her husband came into the house mad and throwing a fit. Caller stated that her husband threw a bag of cooked fish toward the living room where her son was watching TV. Caller stated that the bag of fish hit a glass cup knocking it off the bar and almost hitting her son in the head.


Caller stated that she thinks he was trying to hit her son with the fish. Caller advised me that her husband went over to his dads prior to Deputy’s arrival.


Upon arrival at the father's house the husband met me half way down the drive way he stated that the caller was mad because he was at his mother’s all day.


Husband stated that caller is jealous of his relationship with his mother. Husband stated that he walked into the house and her son said "daddy". Husband stated that caller said that's not your dad. Husband said he tossed the bag of fish on the bar knocking over the glass cup onto the floor. Husband stated that he didn't mean to knock over the cup. And stated that there is so much on the bar that the bag of fish pushed everything when he tossed it.


Husband stated that they exchanged a few words and then when she was calling the cops he went to his dad's house to get away from all of the arguing. Brad stated that he was going to go to his mother’s tonight to get away for a little bit and to let his wife cool off.


Upon the deputy’s investigation it was determined that no physical contact was made between the parties involved. No Arrest Made