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Theft Of Property



Theft of Property


 On January 14, at approximately 0740 hours, Deputy Orlando Dennis was dispatched to 236 Hempstead 184 in reference to a theft.


Upon arrival, he made contact with the victim who stated he arrived at his farm at approximately 0730 hours, and noticed his gate to enter his property was took off the hinges, but there were no damages to the gate. Victim stated he could see his shed, and the front door to the shed was left open. victim stated when he went to his shed he noticed someone had cut the lock he had on his shed off, and it was laying on the ground in front of the shed.


Victim stated he went inside his shed and noticed someone had stolen his new MS 171 Stihl chainsaw   from off the back of his 4 wheeler. Victim stated his chainsaw was worth $200.00.


Victim stated he looked down beside his for wheeler and noticed a red hose that didn't belong to him which he believes was used to siphon gas out of his 4 wheeler. Victim stated he looked at his 4 wheeler and noticed someone had stolen his key from the ignition. Victim stated the key to his 4 wheeler is worth 50.00 to replace.


Victim stated he looked around his shed checking to see if anything else was missing, and noticed his Victor Torch worth $200.00, hose to his torch worth $100.00 color red and green jointed together to be 75 foot of hose. Victim stated he also had two gauges to his torch worth $ 80.00 apiece was also stolen Victim Stated someone also took his key from his tractor located inside of his shed, Victim said the key will cost him 50.00 to replace. Victim stated he was last at his farm on 1/13/15 at approximately 9:30 and all of his property was there.


The stolen property was entered into NCIC. Investigation is ongoing. By HCSO