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July 1, 2016



 The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office has been flooded with calls over the past two days from Hempstead County Citizens and from out of state citizens as far away as Ney York saying that they have been contacted over the phone from someone representing themselves to be IRS agents stating the person is about to be arrested for back taxes and giving the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office main number for them to call for information.


THIS IS A SCAM, THE HEMPSTEAD COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE DOES NOT ENFORCE IRS REGULATIONS OR LAWS OR COLLECT MONEY FOR THE IRS. If you receive a call such as this the best thing to do is hang up. No matter what they tell you or threats they make about you being arrested if you don’t send money DO NOT SEND MONEY OR GIVE OR CONFIRM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION.


Most of these calls originate overseas but appear to sometimes have a U.S. Number with area Code and number. THEY ARE NOT FROM THE IRS, AGAIN THE BEST THING TO DO IS HANG UP.