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Wanted For Rape


Man wearing red and white striped polo shirt with Cowboys baseball cap



Rape, Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree


Pedro Escobedo A/K/A Wero Escobedo

Hispanic Male D.O.B. 03/17/1984

On October 24, 2014, Hempstead County Deputies were called to an address in Blevins, Arkansas in reference to a report of two females ages 8 and 11 being Sexually Assaulted and Raped by Pedro Escobedo a Hispanic male who had been living the family of the two females.


Last known address of Escobedo was 210 Pope Street Nashville, Arkansas. The Sheriff’s office has received information that he has fled the state. Arrest Warrants have been issued by the Hempstead County Circuit Court for RAPE and Sexual Assault 4th Degree.


Any Information please call HEMPSTEAD COUNTY SHERIFF 870-777-6727