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Vandalism/Criminal Mischief



At approximately 1510 hours on 08/08/16 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to the Hope Auto Ford Dealership in Hope in reference to a criminal mischief that occurred at 1389 Hempstead 24.

Upon arrival he made contact with Lyle Ferguson. Lyle stated that he filled his 2006 Ford Focus up with gas on last Thursday at a gas station in Prescott, AR. He stated that the vehicle ran fine until today when he left his house before he could make it into Blevins it began sputtering and died on him. He stated that he was able to get it to start and get it back to the house.

He stated that he had it towed to the Dealership to have their mechanics look at it. He stated that they told him that they checked the fuel and it appears that something has been added to it because it is darker than what it should be.

Lyle stated that he does not know why anyone would want damage his vehicle. Incident under investigation.