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Aggravated Robbery


Aggravated Robbery


At approximately 0340 hours on 02/08/15 Deputy Jim Bush was dispatched to the Wadley Regional Medical Center Emergency room in Hope in reference to an Aggravated Robbery that occurred in the area of the 800 Block of Hempstead 23.


Upon arrival he made contact with 24 year old Seth Garrison who stated that he was at a party in the area of Hempstead 23.   And that he walked away from the party going towards the intersection of Hempstead 23 and Hempstead 19.


Garrison stated that somewhere in that area someone hit him with something in the back of the head and then on the right side of his forehead He stated that he did not see anyone, and never heard anyone coming.


Garrison stated that he lost consciousness and then woke up on the dirt road. And that he did not see any vehicles before or after he was attacked.


Garrison stated that he noticed that his wallet was missing after he gained consciousness. He had $20 his Arkansas ID card and his Social Security Card in his wallet. Garrison told deputies that when he got up he continued walking on Hempstead 23 to the intersection with Hempstead 219 where he was picked up by his mother. Seth had two lacerations one on the back of his head and one on the right side of his forehead.


Garrison’s mother stated that she received a call from Garrison and he told her to pick him up on Hempstead 23. His mother stated that she picked him up and brought him to their home in Hope and attempted to clean up the lacerations on his forehead and decided that he needed to go to the hospital.


The incident is under investigation by HCSO CID.