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Plow Boy Car Club Donates to Sheriff's Christmas Fund



 Howard Tippitt presenting a $500.00 check to Sheriff James Singleton


Howard Tippitt Presents a $500.00 check to Sheriff James Singleton from the Plow Boys car club to help the Sheriff and his deputies in their effort to help provide Christmas presents to some very special children in Hempstead County.

In previous years the Sheriff has raised money to help make Christmas better for the kids at the Arkansas Sheriff’s Youth Ranch in Amity, However the kids at that ranch have been moved to the main ranch in Batesville, Arkansas. The facility at Amity in Clark County remains without any children. The Sheriff says that several children from Hempstead County were at the ranch while it was in Amity but have since been reunited with families.

 The Sheriff will concreate his efforts this year on Children in Hempstead County. Sheriff Singleton has received the names of some very deserving families that just need a little help in making Christmas a more joyful time this year.

I would like to thank Howard and the Plow Boys Car Club for the kind and generous donation, It will help some kids in Hempstead County have a better Christmas.

Sheriff James A. Singleton