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Aggravated Assault Battery 2nd on Law Enforcement Officer




Dewayne Wheat mugshot

At approximately 0240 hours on 01/22/17 Dispatch advised Sgt. Jim Bush they received a call in reference to a domestic disturbance at 3496 Highway 73 East.

Dispatch advised Sgt. Bush that the caller stated that she and her husband Dewayne Wheat got into an argument and he loaded a shotgun and left the house on foot

Deputy Kyle Malone arrived on scene first. Deputy Malone then radioed in that the suspect still had the gun and was refusing to get away from it. Upon Sgt. Bush’s arrival he spoke with witnesses   in the driveway who advised the deputies that there was an argument and that Wheat had been drinking.

Sgt. Bush then approached the North West corner of the house where Deputy Malone was located and     observed that Dewayne Wheat was standing behind the well shed.

Dewayne was in view and began walking back behind the shed, Sgt. Bush ordered Dewayne to get his hands up and where we could see them. Dewayne did not comply with any of the deputies orders.

Dewayne told the deputies "if they take one more step that's it". He then told me the deputies that they had until the count to three to step back and began counting.

Sgt. Bush then contacted dispatch by radio and requested assistance from Hope City Officers. Sgt. Bush then heard the distinct sound of Wheat working the bolt action of the firearm. Bush was unable to see Wheat at this time but ordered him to put the gun down however Sgt. Bush received no response from Wheat.

Sgt. Bush advised dispatch that they had a subject with a gun that is refusing to give it up. Deputy Malone and Sgt. Bush continued watching Wheat giving him more orders to put the gun down while awaiting backup to get there. Wheat shouted “shoot me now or both of ya'll can go f**k yourself” Both Deputies continued attempting to talk Wheat into getting his hands out of his pockets and getting on the ground without results.

Sgt. Daniel Steward, Officer, Officer Justin Dean, and Officer Scott Hurd with the Hope police department arrived to assist the deputies. Sgt. Steward then went around a shed on the east side of the property and as Deputy Dunham arrived he went to the west side of the property.  Sgt. Bush continued speaking with Wheat. Wheat responded "End my G******n life f**k it".

Wheat turned towards Sgt. Steward and began approaching him. As Deputy Dunham came from behind Wheat to take him down. Deputy Dunham and Sgt. Steward took Wheat to the ground. As Wheat continued resisting arrest by pulling away from officers as they were attempting to put his hands behind his back and cuff him. Wheat was taken into custody and transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center.

Sgt. Bush recovered a Bolt action Stephens model 58 12 gauge shot gun. as evidence   also recovered were 6 live 12 gauge rounds, one magazine for the shot gun, and a shell holder on the ground next to where the gun was recovered.

During the attempt to arrest Wheat Sgt. Steward sustained an injury to his finger on his left hand. Sgt. Steward later went to Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope and treated for a broken finger.

Dewayne Wheat Was Booked for Terroristic Threatening for threatening, Battery 2nd for the Injury to Sgt. Steward, and resisting arrest. He is awaiting a first appearance.

I would like to commend all officers involved in this incident for handling it in such a way that did not result in a different outcome. All officers used extreme restraint in dealing with this armed subject in a way that it did not result in the use of deadly force. I and very proud of our Deputies and Police Officers for the way this situation was handled. I would also like to thank the Hope Officers for responding to our deputies’ call for assistance. Please join me in praying for a quick recovery for Sgt. Daniel Stewards injuries sustained in this incident.

Sheriff James Singleton