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Human Remains found in 2014 Identified





Human Remains found on Red River in 2014 are identified



On 9/8/2014, a group of hunters found a human cranium on a sand bar on the

Red River near Fulton, Arkansas. The cranium was submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.


The Arkansas State Crime Laboratory shipped the remains to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas Health Science Center where they Were transferred to the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology on 9/30/2014.


Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office received the findings of the Forensic Anthropologist today February 9, 2017.


The findings are as follows:


The cranium is consistent with a young Amerindian male. Based on the condition of the bone, the anatomical and cultural features seen in the crania, and the recovery context these remains should NOT be considered medicoiegaiy significant.


The practice of (ronto-occipital modification was common in the Caddo Indians prior to the arrival of the French in Louisiana in the late 17'" century (Bennett, 1961). Given this feature and the recovery location within the historic Caddo and distribution, it is possible that these are the remains of a Caddo Indian.