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On February 26, 2017 at approximately 1620 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to 209 Ash Street in Perrytown, Arkansas in reference to a possible break in.


Upon arrival he made contact with the 77 year old female victim. Who stated that she took her medication and laid down on the couch to take a nap Victim stated that when she woke up, she believes that someone broke into her residence while she was asleep. Victim said that she does not know if anything was taken. She said that she believes they made entry into the residence through one of the windows on the front of her residence. Victim showed Deputy Malone a spot in her flower bed where she believed there was a foot print. Deputy Malone did not observe a foot print. Victim showed Deputy Malone the window she believes they went through. Deputy Malone observed that the window was closed, locked, and had a block of wood between it and the top portion of the window. Deputy Malone did not observe any markings indicating someone broke into her residence through that window. Deputies interviewed victims neighbors the neighbors stated they had not observed anything around the victim’s house.


The matter remains under investigation by the HCSO.