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Recovery of Stolen Vehicle


Recovery of Stolen Vehicle


On February 24, 2017 at approximately 2157 hours, Hempstead County Deputies were advised by dispatch that Lafayette County Deputies were in a pursuit on Highway 29 South coming into Hempstead County.


Lafayette County Deputy Sundburg advised he was attempting to stop a vehicle with license plate number 089VGL, but the vehicle refused to stop. Deputy Sundburg started the pursuit in Lafayette County due to a traffic violation, and crossed over into Hempstead County.


As Lafayette County Deputy Sundburg attempted to get the vehicle stopped he was advised by Lafayette County dispatch the vehicle was stolen out of Texarkana. Hope Police Sergeant Daniel Oller along with Officer Perez and Officer Halliday, went to the 2700 block of South Main Street were Sergeant Oller got his tire deflation device, and readied it to be deployed.


As Hempstead County Deputies were arriving at intersection of South Main and Bill Clinton Bypass, Officer Halliday advised the vehicle was still headed North on South Main Street. Deputies observed the vehicle turning North onto South Main at high rate of speed almost losing control of the vehicle.


Hempstead County Deputies activated their emergency lights and sirens, and attempted to stop the vehicle. HCSO Deputies pursued the vehicle on South Main Street towards 6th Street. Deputies observed the vehicle traveling at high rates of speed on 6th towards Edgewood Street. Deputies advised dispatch they were cancelling the pursuit due to unsafe conditions.


Dispatch advised deputies that an unknown caller stated there was a vehicle traveling down Highway 278 East at high rate of speed. Deputies attempted to make contact again with the vehicle on Highway 278 East where Arkansas State Trooper Larry Mitchell was set up to deploy his tire deflation device. They were unable to make contact with the vehicle on Highway 278 East;


While returning back to Hope on Highway 278 East, Arkansas State Trooper Mitchell and Deputies observed a white Honda parked in a yard at the 2200 block of Highway 278 East and Lakeshore Drive with the lights on. Trooper Mitchell and deputies observed the vehicle was bearing Arkansas License plate 089VGL. Trooper Mitchell and HCSO Deputies cleared the area, and waited with the vehicle while Hope Police Department and Lafayette County Deputy Sundburg arrived on scene. The unidentified driver was not apprehended. Deputies have possibly identified the driver and will investigate further.


The stolen 2017 white Honda Accord was towed to West Wrecker at 103 Brentwood in Hope Arkansas. At the time the vehicle was recovered it was believed to have been in the city limits of Hope Arkansas, due to further investigation found out the vehicle was recovered in the county.