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Death Investigation


Death Investigation


On 2/17/15 at approximately 1203 hours Deputies were dispatched to the East Bound Weight Scales in reference to Highway Police needing assistance with someone that was unresponsive.


Upon arrival deputies made contact with Highway Police Officer Doug Lafferty and Pafford EMS personnel.


Officer Lafferty told deputies that he received a phone call from Ray Azlin, asking him if his son Anthony Azlin was at the weight scales in Hope Arkansas. Officer Lafferty stated Ray Azlin told him that when he last heard from Anthony it was approximately 9:00 P.M. at the East Bound Weight Scales in Hope Arkansas.


Officer Lafferty stated he went to the truck parking lot of the weight scales, to see if Anthony's truck was there. Officer Lafferty stated that he noticed Anthony's truck in the parking lot, and stated he knocked on the passenger side door of the truck, but was unable to get an answer. Officer Lafferty stated he looked through the passenger side window and noticed Anthony inside. Officer Lafferty stated he called out to Anthony, but no answer. Officer Lafferty stated he then broke the passenger window of the truck and unlocked the door to enter. Officer Lafferty stated when he went inside the truck to check on Anthony, he noticed Anthony was unresponsive and contacted EMS.


Hempstead County Corner Ben Brazzel arrived on scene and pronounced 44 year old Anthony Wayne Azlin of Etta, Mississippi dead Azlin’s body was transported to the State Medical Examiners Office in Little to determine cause and manner of death. The investigation is being conducted by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office.


Update on Investigation of Death of Trucker


Hempstead County investigators received notification on Friday February 20, 2015 from the State Medical Examiner’s office that the Death of 44 year old Anthony Wayne Azlin was ruled accidental due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.


When deputies arrived at the truck on February 17, 2017 at approximately 12:03 pm they discovered that a portable generator mounted under the sleeper portion of the cab was running and apparently had been since the truck had been parked at the weigh station overnight.