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D.W.I. Fleeing


D.W.I. & Fleeing


On March 3, 2017 at approximately 2005 hours Deputy Sorensen and Loe were advised by Deputy Friend that he had made contact with a possible drunk driver sleeping in a parked red 1997 GMC Sierra located at the 300 block of Highway 234 at the Saratoga boat landing.


Upon arrival Deputy Friend attempted to approach the red GMC Sierra where the driver, later identified as Shannon Hurt, was still parked and asleep with his driver's window rolled down. As Deputy Friend neared the vehicle, Shannon woke up and started his vehicle. Deputy Friend ordered Shannon to stop the vehicle several times.


At that time, Hurt began fleeing in his vehicle. Hurt turned the vehicle towards Deputy Sorensen and then continued to drive. Deputy Sorensen ordered him to stop. Hurt stopped the vehicle and placed the truck in park.


Deputies approached the vehicle and ordered Hurt out of the vehicle, but Hurt did not heed commands. Deputies then opened the driver's door and attempted to gain control of Hurts left wrist. Hurt pulled away and then began to reach back into his vehicle. Deputy Sorensen gained control of Hurt’s left arm and pulled him from the vehicle and assisted him to the prone handcuffing position. Deputies placed Hurt in handcuffs without further incident.


Deputies assisted Shannon to his feet when they observed his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. And could also smell the odor of intoxicants coming from Hurt’s breath. Hurt was placed in the back of Deputy Friend's patrol vehicle. Deputies transported Shannon to the Hempstead County Detention Facility where he was booked in on Driving while intoxicated and Fleeing.