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13 Year Old Arrested for Domestic Battery


 13 Year old Juvenile Charged with Domestic Battery


On March 8, 2017 at approximately 0754 hours Deputy Matthew Dunham was dispatched to 5339 Highway 67 West in reference to a physical altercation. While en - route dispatch advised Dunham that one of the subjects had a knife but the caller was able to get the knife away from her.


Upon arrival he made contact with the caller a 32 year old female and a 13 year old female. Deputy Dunham started his investigation the 32 year old and the 13 year old were in a verbal altercation and would not calm down both kept trying to argue. Deputy Dunham placed the13 year old in his    unit until he could find out what happened.


Deputy Dunham spoke with the 32 year old female who stated that the 13 year old started a fight with her this morning. She said that the 13 year old female was complaining about putting on a pair of socks. The 32 year old said that she went to the 13 year old’s bedroom and told her to just put the socks on.


The 32 year old female stated that the 13 year old kicked the bowl of cereal she had out of her hands and it landed on the floor. 32 year old female stated that the 13 year old then grabbed a lamp and a flower vase and threw them at her. The 32 year old stated that she then had to pin the 13 year old on the ground to make her calm down. 32 year told Deputy Dunham that the 13 year old scratched her leg and bit her on the arm.


The 32 year old stated that she then let the 13 year old up she ran and grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and tried to walk outside with the knife. The 32 year old stated that they had to forcefully take the knife away from the 13 year old because they were scared she was going to hurt herself.


The 13 year old was taken into custody and charged with Domestic Battery 3rd degree and transports to the White River Juvenile Detention Center in Batesville, Arkansas.