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Bullying/Battery 3rd


Reported Incidents to HCSO



Battery 3rd


On March 10, 2017 at approximately 1:45 p.m., Deputy Mc Bride was dispatched to Wadley Hospital in Hope, Arkansas in reference to an incident that happened at the Blevins School. Upon arrival, he spoke with the 12 year old female victim and her mother.


Victim stated that she was playing basketball at recess when a 13 year old male pushed her down. Victim stated that while she was on the ground someone the 13 year old male kicked her in the right side of her head. Victim stated that the 13 year old has bullied her since the first of the school year.


The victims left knee was scrapped; and stated that the right side of her hip was scrapped up. Victim stated that every time they go to physical education or recess, the 13 year old hits her or attempts to throw a ball at her as hard as he can.


The victim’s mother stated that they have spoken with the teachers and principle, and wanted to report this incident to the Sheriff’s Office. The matter will be turned over to Juvenile authorities.