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Two Arrest For Stolen Vehicle


Brandon Elkins mugshot

Brandon Elkins


Jake Ganous mugshot

Jake Ganous




Vehicle Accident

Recovery of Stolen Vehicle


On March 14, 2017 at approximately 0620 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to a one vehicle accident on Hempstead 27 South close to Hempstead 325.


Upon arrival, he observed a black Mitsubishi Eclipse car in the roadway wrecked. Deputy Dunham was advised by Howard County Medics that there were two subjects in the car and they both refused medical treatment.


Dunham then made contact with the driver, Brandon Elkins age 20 who listed a current address of 774 Hempstead 211 of Hope, Arkansas Brandon told Dunham that he goes by Brandon Elkins, AKA Brandon Hale. Brandon stated that he believes that he was driving to fast and went off the roadway and struck a concrete culvert.


Dunham observed that Brandon appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. Dunham asked Brandon if he had took any type of medicine or used any narcotics and was by Brandon that he was not. I had dispatch run a check on Brandon by both last names.


Upon further investigation Deputy Dunham discovered that the vehicle did not belong to Brandon.

Brandon then told Deputy Dunham that it belonged to Ryan Stinson. And that Ryan let his borrow the vehicle. Brandon stated that he got the car from Ryan at a residence off of Hempstead 27 North.


Deputy Dunham asked Brandon if he had made contact with Ryan to tell him about the accident   Brandon told Dunham he did and that Ryan was on his way.


Deputy Dunham spoke with the passenger, Jake Ganous age 20 who listed a current address of 903 North Main, Nashville, Arkansas. Jake stated that Brandon was driving too fast and left the roadway and struck a culvert. Deputy Dunham observed that Jake appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic while speaking with him. Deputy Dunham asked Jake if he knew who the car belonged to and he told Dunham that it belongs to Ryan Stinson and Ryan let them borrow it


Deputy Dunham contacted Ryan by phone. And asked Ryan which wrecker he wanted to come get the car and how close he was. Ryan acted confused and asked Deputy Dunham what he was talking about. Dunham asked Ryan if he let anyone borrow his car. Ryan stated that he did not and that his car should be in the yard. Ryan told Deputy Dunham that his car was gone. Deputy Dunham advised Ryan of the wreck and who was in the car. Ryan stated that he never gave them permission to use the car.



Deputy Dunham placed Brandon Elkins under arrest for Theft of property, motor vehicle, and no driver license, Jake Ganous was arrested for Theft of property, motor vehicle, and no seat belt. Both refused medical treatment and was transported to the Hempstead County Jail to await a first court appearance.