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Supposed victim of car theft arrested for filing a false Police Report



Supposed victim of car theft arrested for filing a false Police Report


Ryan Stinson age 23 of Nashville who told deputies earlier this week that his vehicle had been stolen when Deputies advised him it had been involved in a one vehicle accident in Hempstead County has been arrested for filing a False Report to Law Enforcement Officers, A Class D Felony.

Stinson was taken into custody yesterday afternoon by Hempstead County investigators. And is awaiting a first court appearance.

On March 14, 2017 at approximately 0620 hours Deputy Matt Dunham was dispatched to a one vehicle accident on Hempstead 27 South close to Hempstead 325. The vehicle was driven by Brandon Elkins and a passenger Jake Ganous at the time of the accident.

Deputy Dunham contacted Ryan Stinson to ascertain if he let anyone borrow his car. Ryan stated that he did not and that his car should be in the yard. Ryan told Deputy Dunham that his car was gone. Deputy Dunham advised Ryan of the wreck and who was in the car. Ryan stated that he never gave them permission to use the car.

Based upon Stinson’s report both Ganous and Elkins were arrested and charged with theft of property (motor vehicle).

Investigator Dorman and Crane continued the investigation and was able to determine that Stinson had filed a false report of his vehicle being stolen. Both Elkins and Ganous were released. However, the charge of No Driver’s License on Elkins and No seat belt on Ganous were set to be heard in District Court on May 8, 2017