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Domestic Battery 3rd


Domestic Battery 3rd


At approximately 1445 hours on March 18, 2017 Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 7679 Highway 278 West in reference to a domestic disturbance.


Upon arrival he made contact with Deputy Marla Barnhill. She stated that there had been an altercation between Pedro Capetillo and Mayani Baza. Deputy Sorensen made contact with Mayani Baza about the incident. As Mayani does not speak fluent English Deputy Sorensen had Hope Police Dispatcher Byanca Velazquez translate for me via phone. Mayani stated that Pedro had been upset at her about something and had hit her in the mouth. She would not tell Dispatcher Velazquez what the reason for him hitting her was. Deputy Sorensen observed a small laceration on the inside of Mayani's upper lip.


Deputy Sorensen made contact with Pedro and his uncle, Ricardo Capetillo. Pedro stated that Mayani had been upset at him because she thought that he had her keys. He stated that he told her several times that he did not have them but she became upset and stated that he did. He stated that she then punched him in the left eye. He stated that he got her away from him and then walked away. Deputy Sorensen asked him if he hit Mayani at any time and he stated that he didn't remember doing so but he had tried getting her off of him. Sorensen noticed that below Pedro's left eye was swollen and had discoloration.


Deputy Sorensen filled out a Domestic Violence Lethality screening for Pedro and provided him with a victim’s rights and responsibilities card. He stated that he wanted to get an order of protection against Mayani and Sorensen advised him how to do that.


Deputy Sorensen placed Mayani under arrest for Domestic Battery 3rd, transported her to the Hempstead County Detention Center issued her citation for aforementioned charges and gave her a court date of May 15, 2017. She is awaiting a First Court Appearance