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Criminal Mischief


Criminal Mischief


On March 20, 2017 at approximately 1559 hours, Deputy Tuberville was dispatched to the 4000 block of Hempstead 3 in reference to a Criminal Mischief call.


Upon my arrival, he made contact with the caller. Who stated she has 40 acres of land for sale in the 400 block of Hempstead 133 after feeding her cow's she made a trip around to Hempstead 133 to check on the property she has for sale.


Caller stated when pulling up to the property she noticed a section of the property was smoking as it had been burning. She stated she got out of her vehicle, and looked around when she noticed that a few acres of her property had the underbrush burnt off.


Caller stated on March 19, 2017 late at night she heard noises coming from outside of her residence, and looked outside and saw people caring flashlights walking around the end of Hempstead 132 and Hempstead 3. Caller stated she did not see a vehicle parked around the area, or which way the people were traveling towards. Caller stated she believed the voices sounded like young people.