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Domestic Disturbance


Domestic Disturbance


On March 20, 2017 at approximately 1956 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to Highway 278 West in reference to a domestic disturbance.


Upon arrival, he made contact with a 30-year-old male who was sitting out on the front porch of the residence. The male stated that he and his 30-year-old wife got into an argument because she allowed one of her friends to spank their son. During the argument, the female stated that the male pushed her and she fell in the bathroom. Upon investigation Deputy Malone did not observe any injuries


The female she did not want to press charges, she just wanted to move into her new apartment without any problems.


Deputy Malone gave the female a Laura's card and preformed a Domestic Violence Lethality screening, he Informed her that she could go stay at Hope in Action until her new apartment was ready, and that the information for Hope in Action is on the back of the Laura's card. Anita stated that she would call Hope in Action while she was at work tonight.