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On 3-21-17 a 55-year-old male victim came to the sheriff’s office to report harassment. Inv. Josh Powell took the report.


Victim stated that he has a cell phone that he keeps in case he needs to call 911. Victim said that he has not had that phone active in a year or so. About six months ago victim received a notification on the phone. He looked at the phone and went into the gallery that contains pictures he saw nude pictures with drugs around a person Victim said all the pictures were of men.


The last time he received a picture was about a month ago. Victim said that he has been working and has not been able to take off to come to report this.


Victim showed Inv. Powell his phone and said that he could look at the pictures that were stored in it. There were several pictures of his kids, and pictures of a boat and water and taken while driving in a vehicle. Victim said that there were a lot of pictures that were just dark. Victim stated he did not take those and did not know how they got on there. Victim left the phone for examination.