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Breaking Entering/Theft


Breaking Entering/Theft


At approximately 1340 hours on 03/22/17 Sgt. Bush was dispatched to the Allen Ferry Landing in reference to a breaking or entering.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Kenneth Perry. Kenneth stated that last night while driving on Highway 355 South he got a flat tire and decided to drive it to the parking at the end of Allen Ferry Road to park it so it would not get towed. He stated that he left his 1995 Jeep Cherokee there at approximately 2000 hours and then returned to get it at approximately 1330.


Kenneth stated that someone stole both front tires and rims. He stated that the rims were stock rims and the tires were Dextero brand tires. He stated that they also pulled the hood open and stole the Everlast car battery and floor jack that he had the Jeep lifted up on when he left it. Kenneth also stated that they damaged the ignition and when they set the car down on a stump they caused $900 worth of damage to the front end.