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Unattended Child


Unattended Child



On 3-23-17 at approximately 10:15 am Inv. Josh Powell was dispatched to the Springhill Store on Highway 355 West in reference to 2-year-old child that was unattended.


Upon arrival, he met with Darrell James.   Darrell stated that he was sitting at the store in his truck and noticed a young child walk from Foley Lane onto Highway 355 West then started towards the store. Darrell stated that the child was wearing nothing but a diaper. He noticed that the house between the child and the store had some dogs in the yard that started barking at the child. Darrell said he was not going to let the dogs get to the child so he went to the child.


Darrell had his family with him and they started looking for where the child came from. The first house on Foley Lane they noticed the door open, they knocked on the door but no one came to the door. Then a male subject came out with a baby in his arms and told them that the child was his and that the mother was supposed to be watching him. The child went back to the father and they left.


Inv. Powell made contact with the child’s father at on Foley Lane. The father said that his wife went to the doctor this morning around 0800 hours. He said she woke him up but he went back to sleep. Father said that the child, evidently can open the door now. The father said he was getting child proof stuff for the doors today.