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Welfare Check



Welfare Check



On March 23, 2017 at approximately 1830 hours Deputy Loe was dispatched Hempstead 104 in reference to a welfare check.


Upon arrival, he made contact with the caller, who stated he first knocked on the door to ask the owner if she would mind if he picked some flowers from in front of her house. caller stated that no one answered the door, but that he noticed a suspicious smell coming from the house. caller stated that he then contacted the Sheriff's Department in order to make sure everything was ok. Deputy Sorensen and Loe knocked on the door, but was unable to solicit a response. Deputy Sorensen and Loe then checked all the windows and doors on the house and noticed them all to be locked and no one answering any of them. Deputies were unable to smell an unusual odor permeating from any crevices located around the house.


Upon investigation Deputies discovered that the resident was in a local nursing home in Hope.