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Suicide Threat


Suicide Threat



At approximately 1352 hours on 03/24/17 Sgt. Jim Bush was dispatched to Highway 299 in reference to a suicide threat.


            Prior to his arrival dispatch advised me that they received a call from an unknown male that stated that he received a message from a 52-year-old female and she stated that she was going to kill herself.


Upon my arrival at the address Bush was unable to make contact at the door. he then spoke with a male individual which lives on the same property but in a different trailer. The male stated that he knows she is home because he just saw her not too long before we got there.


Sgt. Bush attempted to enter the front door and it was open. he called out and identified myself but did not get any reply. he then entered the house and located the female on a bed asleep in the east end of the house. he woke the female up and advised her why he was there.


Bush asked her if she has taken any medication and she stated that she has only taken her prescribed medication as it was prescribed to her. She at first denied that she was suicidal, Bush asked the female if she would let him look at her text messages. She agreed to it and unlocked her phone and handed it to Bush, he then read in messages that were sent to a male subject, that she stated that she wanted out of this world. Sgt. Bush asked her what she meant by that and asked her if she meant that she wanted to take her own life and she stated that she did.


She then went with Pafford EMS to Wadley Regional Medical Center at Hope for treatment.