Hempstead County
Sheriff's Office
Hope, Arkansas
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Domestic Dispute


Domestic Dispute


On March 27, 2017 at approximately 0738 hours Deputy Dunham was contacted by dispatch and advised to make contact with a person from Royal, Arkansas in reference to an incident that happened in Hempstead County.


Deputy Dunham contacted the person by phone. The 31-year-old male told Deputy Dunham that his ex-wife, who lives in Hempstead County violated a court order. said that in their divorce papers he had it to where his ex-wife’s current husband, , could not come around his kids.


The 31-year-old male told Deputy Dunham that he got word that his ex-wife let he current husband around his kids this past weekend.


The 31-year-old told Deputy Dunham that his attorney told him to file a report with the Sheriff's Department. Deputy Dunham advised the male that he would document the incident but that he needed to speak with his attorney again.