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Citizen Assist


Citizen Assist


At approximately 2304 hours on March 25, 2017 Deputy Luke Sorensen was dispatched to the 800 block of Hempstead 333 in reference to someone driving off of the roadway.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Anita Carrigan. She stated that she had seen a road closed sign down the road and thought that the bridge was out. She stated that when she tried to turn around her car got stuck in the mud and she was unable to get it out. She stated that she had no preference on wrecker so dispatch advised West Wrecker as they were next on rotation. While waiting on West I explained to Anita that the road closed sign was for the county road it was displayed on and not this road. She stated that as it was displayed directly at the intersection she wasn't sure which one it was.


Deputy Sorensen stood by until West Wrecker arrived on scene and removed her vehicle form the mud.