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Domestic Disturbance


Domestic Disturbance


At approximately 1900 hours on March 24, 2017 Deputy Luke Sorensen was dispatched to #10 Clingan Country drive in reference to a domestic battery.


Upon arrival, he made contact with a 25-year-old female who stated that she had arrived home a short time ago and her ex-boyfriend, was at her residence. She stated that he has been living there with her but was moving out today. She stated that when she got there he took the television from her bedroom. She stated that as he was walking out he hit the bedroom door and pulled the hinges off of the wall.


She stated that she didn't want him to take it so she tried to grab it from him. She stated that he pulled it away from her and tried to kick at her. She stated that she fell back against the wall and attempted to grab the television again. She stated that he swung his fist at her and she raised her arm to stop him. She stated that she believes he hit her wrist but she wasn't sure. She stated that her wrist was sore but she wasn't sure if he had hit it or if it happened when she fell. She stated that she didn't want to press any charges she just wanted a report made.