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SUSPICIOUS PERSON (146 Hempstead 23)




On March 28, 2017 at approximately 0230 hours Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 146 Hempstead 23 in reference to a suspicious person.


Dispatch advised that the caller stated there was someone beating on his door that was trying to cause harm to him. The caller stated that he was in the first trailer on the left upon entering the trailer park.


     Upon arrival, Deputy Loe attempted to make contact with the caller at the first trailer on the left, but noticed it to be unoccupied and failed to make contact with anyone.


At that time, Deputy Loe was advised by dispatch that the caller had plotted somewhere on the right side of the trailer park. Deputy Loe waited for backup to arrive so we could do a proper clear of the premises. Once Deputy Sorensen arrived, they performed a sweep of the area and were unable to locate either the caller or any suspicious persons.


Deputy Loe approached by a male subject who stated that he was the one who called. Deputy Loe asked the caller why he stated he was on the left side the caller stated that he wasn't sure if he was on the left or right at the time of the 911 call.


Caller stated that he was inside his residence when he heard someone start beating on his door. Caller stated that he could hear them talking about doing harm to him through the door. The caller stated that he wasn't exactly sure who the people were, but that he thought there were two of them.


The caller stated that since he's lived in the residence, he's smelled the odor of methamphetamine that he claimed was from the previous tenants. Deputy Sorensen and Loe looked through the house and on the property lot, but found no signs of any suspicious activity. Deputy Loe attempted several times to make contact with family members of the subject in order him to get a ride, but was unsuccessful in making contact with any of them.