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SUSPICIOUS PERSON (Hempstead 23 and Highway 32 North)





On March 28, 2017 at approximately 0410 hours Deputy Dunham was dispatched to the area around Hempstead 23 and Highway 32 North. Dispatch stated that a 30-year-old male kept calling 911 asking for a ride and that he was saying that someone was kicking cans under his residence.


Upon arrival Deputy Dunham did not locate the male subject at that location. Dunham went to an address on Hempstead 23 where he spoke with the caller.


Who stated that people are messing with him. caller stated that heard people kicking cans under his residence. The caller told Dunham that there is music coming from an air vent in one of the bedrooms. Deputy Dunham asked the caller to show him where the music was coming from.


The caller showed Deputy Dunham the vent. While standing there the caller asked Dunham “do you not hear that”?. Deputy Dunham told the caller that there was no music coming from the vents. Caller told Deputy Dunham “I knew it they are trying to set me up”. Deputy Dunham asked the caller who he meant and he said the people that live around here.


Deputy Dunham cautioned the caller not to contact 911 again unless it was an emergency. Caller said that he understood.