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Aggravated Assault at Hempstead County Detention Center


Aggravated Assault




At approximately 1800 hours on April 1, 2016 DEPUTY Sorensen was dispatched to the Hempstead County Detention Center in reference to a fight.



Upon arrival, he made contact with Detention Officer Kyle Shelby. Who stated that at approximately 1721 hours he was in C-pod and heard a loud noise coming from D-pod. He then ran to D-pod and opened the door where he then observed two inmates fighting. He stated that he separated the two. And determined that the aggressor was 22-year-old Kahrie Anderson being held on Failure to Appear.


Deputy Sorensen then made contact with 21-year-old Timothy Thompson also being held on. Failure to appear who stated that he had been given a newspaper earlier in the day. When he returned to D-pod he placed the newspaper on his bed. a short while later he noticed part of the newspaper was gone. He asked several people where his newspaper was and they stated that they didn't know.


Thompson then observed the newspaper on the end of K’harie bed Thompson grabbed the newspaper and accused K'harie of taking it. He and K'harie then got into a verbal argument which turned physical     Timothy stated that he believes he blacked out at this point as he didn't remember anything else until he woke up lying on the floor.


Thompson was transported to Wadley ER by Hempstead County Transport Officers. The incident remains under Investigation.