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Arrest For Sexually Grooming a Child


Van Dale Stueart mugshot


Press Release

March 25, 2015


On March 19, 2015 The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the parents of a 9 year old female that they had learned their daughter had been videoed naked and had been shown some pornographic films.

 Investigators from the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into the allegations and presented a probable cause affidavit to Circuit Judge Duncan Culpepper who signed the affidavit for the arrest of Mr. Van Stueart 67, of Nashville, Arkansas.

 On Wednesday March 25, 2015 Mr. Stueart and his attorney came to the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office where Stueart surrendered himself to Hempstead County investigators who arrested the 67 year old and charged him with Sexually Grooming a Child.

 He was placed in the Hempstead County Detention Center awaiting a first court appearance.

Definition of Sexually Grooming a Child (5-207-307)

 (b) A person commits sexually grooming a child if he or she knowingly disseminates to a child thirteen (13) years or younger with or without consideration a visual or print medium depicting sexually explicit conduct with the purpose to entice, induce, or groom the child thirteen (13) years of age or younger to engage in the following with a person: (1) Sexual Intercourse; (2) Sexually explicit conduct; or (3) Deviate sexual Activity