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Criminal Mischief at 4440 Highway 29 South


Criminal Mischief


On April 1, 2017 at approximately 2045 hours, Deputy Landon Loe was dispatched to 4440 Highway 29 South in reference to criminal mischief.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Thomas Jimenez who stated that he noticed on his home surveillance system at around 0400 hours this morning, a car stopped in front of his mailbox. Thomas stated that an individual got out of the passenger's seat and went over to his mailbox and began to violently push and pull the mailbox, attempting to tear it from the pole it was mounted to.


Thomas showed Deputy Loe a copy of the video and the car appeared to stop right before the mailbox, turned off its headlights, and then the passenger exited. The video was not clear enough to determine a make or model of the vehicle, or to get a clear description of the individual attempting to dislodge the mailbox. The vehicle was stopped for only approximately 20 seconds before the passenger returned to the car and then the car drove away driving South on Highway 29. The vehicle exited the camera frame and it wasn't clear what direction of travel the car made after leaving the residence.


Deputy Loe told Mr. Jimenez that the HCSO would increase patrols in the area.