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Burglary / Theft of Property


Burglary / Theft of Property


On April 3, 2017 at approximately 10:30 a.m., Deputy McBride was dispatched to 2403 West Plainview in reference to a residential burglary. Upon arrival, he spoke with Hal Goud. Hal stated that he was gone from the residence for approximately two weeks.


Hal stated that his dad, Joe Goud was living in the residence, but left for a rehabilitation center three days ago. Hal stated that there is a black refrigerator, a marble top table, a queen size bed set, two brown end tables, and an antique toy chest missing at this time.


While walking through the house, Deputy McBride saw the back door was open. After inspecting the back door, Deputy McBride discovered that the lock was torn up and did not function properly. The door was held shut with a piece of metal and a nail.


Hal stated that the door has been broken for a long time. Hal demonstrated that the door will unlock itself when the door knob is moved. Hal stated that Joe had a lot of people staying in the house and he did not know who all they were.