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Domestic Disturbance


Domestic Disturbance

Warrant Service



On April 03, 2017 at approximately 1851 hours, Deputy Tuberville was dispatched to 215 Hempstead 248 in reference to a Domestic Disturbance. Dispatched advised the caller Carolyn Porter stated her son Michal Lewis was inside her residence, and she wanted him removed for the property.


Upon arrival, He made contact with Carolyn Porter. Carolyn stated earlier today when she was getting ready to go into work her son Michael Lewis asked if he could use her phone. Carolyn stated she told Michael no, and Michael became very belligerent. Carolyn stated she got into her vehicle and called 911 and Michael swung a garden rake or a garden hoe striking the side of her vehicle.


Deputy Tuberville made contact with Michael Lewis inside of the residence. Michael stated he did not know what was going on.


Deputy Tuberville ran a warrant check on Michael by name and date of birth through dispatch, and who advised Deputy Tuberville Michael had a Failure to Appear warrant with the Hempstead County for the amount of $1,135.00 dollars, and a failure to appear with the Hope Police Department of the amount of $2,950.00 dollars.


Deputy Tuberville placed Michael under arrest, and Michael stated he could not place his hand very far behind his back due to having metal rods in his back. Deputy Tuberville interlocked two pairs of handcuffs together, and placed them on Michael checking for proper fit and double locking.


Deputy Tuberville then placed Michael inside my patrol unit, and transported Michael to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Deputy Tuberville served Michael with failure to appear warrant with a court date of May 08, 2017 at 0900 hours at the Hempstead County Court House.