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On April 4, 2017 at approximately 0157 hours, Deputy Malone was dispatched to 3000 West Avenue B Apartment 64 in reference to a Suspicious person.


Upon arrival, he made contact with Destinee Roy. Destinee stated that between 0150 and 0200 hours a person started beating and banging on her door, and told her to let them in. Destinee said that she told the person no and to leave. She stated that she does not know who the person was, what they were wearing, what race they were, or what they were driving, because she did not look to see.


Destinee stated that she first pretended that she was on the phone with the police in an effort to get them to go away, but the person did not believe her and continued to beat on her door. Destinee stated that she then called 911, and put her phone on speaker phone so the person could hear the dispatcher talking to her through her door. She stated that the person then stopped beating on her door, and she believes that they left once they heard that the police were on their way. The person left prior to deputy’s arrival and Deputy Malone did not locate anyone walking around the apartment complex.