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On April 5, 2017 at approximately 1900 hours, Deputy Loe was dispatched to 5452 Highway 371 in Blevins in reference to shoplifting.


Upon arrival, Loe made contact with the manager, who stated that earlier in the afternoon they had a juvenile subject that attempted to shoplift several items from their store. The manager then escorted Deputy Loe to where the security camera monitors were and showed him on video where the juvenile attempted to steal approximately $60 worth of snacks and drinks from the store.


The manager stated that they watched the juvenile walk across the street to the church, and stated that they didn't want to press any charges, they just wanted him banned form the store.


Deputy Loe then proceeded across the street to 5959 Highway 29 North and made contact with the juvenile who identified himself as a 17-year-old juvenile. Deputy Loe advised the juvenile that he had been caught on camera attempting to shoplift several items and that he was no longer allowed on the premises.


Deputy Loe advised the juvenile that if he returned to the premises he would be taken to jail. Deangelo stated that he understood. I then advised the juvenile that the store had not received all of the merchandise back and that he needed to give it to back. The juvenile cooperated and escorted Deputy Loe to the back of a white van and proceeded to hand me 5 packs of gum, 2 packs of Skittles, 1 package of Now&Laters, and 2 cans of Monster energy drink.


Deputy Loe advised the Juvenile not to return to the store.